Guardian Policy

Guidelines are formulated keeping in view the utmost welfare of the students and the smooth functioning of the school. Therefore, please read the contents of this Almanac carefully and also advise your ward about the rules laid down by the school authorities. DEAR PARENT(s)

  1. Kindly address all your queries and communication to the Principal/Class Teacher through written application and always mention clearly the Name, Admission Number, Class/Section of your ward.
  2. The Name, Class and Section should be clearly marked on all the belongings of the student e.g. shoes, tie, tiffin, water bottle, bag, blazer, umbrella, Pencil box, colour box etc.
  3. You are required to inform the school about the change in your address or telephone number in writing. Ignorance of this will not be accepted as an excuse.
  4. Please pay special attention to the personal cleanliness of your ward. Kindly see that your ward attends the school in the prescribed clean uniform.
  5. School Uniform is compulsory during all school days and at all school functions. Wards must wear the prescribed uniform exact in colour and pattern, failing which he/she may be sent back home or fined and Parents will be responsible for this.
  6. Wards must come to school clean and tidy with trim hair.
  7. Articles like expensive watches, costly ball-point pens, mobile phones, camera, Jewellery items etc. are not to be brought to the school. The School will not be responsible for the loss. Possession of such items by the student in the school will be treated as an offense.
  8. It is the responsibility of the Parents/Guardians to take their ward at the closing time. The School shall not be responsible after the school gets over.
  9. Ward are not permitted to bring money, unless it is mentioned in almanac by the school.
  10. Distribution of any sort of gift item or presenting gift to the teacher, staff, students or any other member of the school is prohibited even on special occasions.
  11. Bring lunch and tiffin is compulsory. Non-vegetarian eatables are strictly prohibited in the school premises (including eggs).
  12. Attendance on all National Festival-days and school functions is mandatory for students.
  13. Please ensure that the home-work assigned by the teacher is invariably done and completed punctually by your ward.
  14. Wards should do their home work by themselves. They should not be helped by the parents/guardians or by any tutor unless they really need it. It Is important that the wards develop habits of studying and working by themselves.
  15. Criticism of the teachers should not be done in presence of the wards because it amounts to disrespect to the teachers as well as to the school. If parents/guardians have any complaints, they must meet the Principal.
  16. Minimum 80% class attendance is compulsory to appear in the Final Examination.
  17. Wards will be held responsible for irregular attendance, negligence of home work, disobedience and disrespect to the Principal/teachers & members of the staff.
  18. Sick students should not be sent to school, especially on test days. Short leave is not permissible as it hampers the school proceedings.
  19. Ranks will not be awarded to those students who submit medicat certificate in any tests or examinations.
  20. It is parent(s) only or those authorized in the school who will be allowed to take their wards during the school hours. It is the sole responsibility of the parent (s).
  21. Use of Poly-bags is strictly prohibited in the school. Students should not use these for any purpose.
  22. Pa rents/guardians are not, however, allowed to avail the school transportation.
  23. Students are not allowed to bring any sharp instruments to the school.
  24. Writing or scribbling on the walls or on furniture or causing damage to school property in any form, will be treated as a breach of discipline. Any such act shall entail punishment and recovery of the cost, even if it is done accidentally.
  25. Entry in the school premises with any weapon/ammunition is strictly prohibited.
  26. All books and notebook must be covered with brown paper and must be brought according to the school time table.