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What is the Admission Process?

You may apply for admissions using this link Admission Application Form. Once the application is submitted, the Admission Counselor shall get in touch with you to take the process forward.

What is the age criteria for admission?

For Pre-Nursery, the age of the child must be minimum 2-years as on 31st March; for example, if you are applying for session 2022-23, your child should be 2 years old as on 31st March 2022.

Whom do I contact for admission? / How can I check my admission status?

You do not need to contact anyone as such. Once the registration form is filled, the Admission Counselor shall get in touch with you or you should check for an email / SMS from the school. However, in case of any queries, you may write to us

Till what class are you admitting children for 2022-23 sessions?

Pre-Nur to Grade IX & XI.

What is the Management Structure which runs the school?

DPS, Dwarka Expressway is under the control and support of the DPS Society New Delhi. We have an eminent panel of thought leaders and educationists on our Advisory Board to guide the school. We are a full-fledged organization comprising of a dedicated Curriculum, Teacher Empowerment Team and other support functions.

What is the vision of the school?

The school’s vision is to provide a learning environment that encourages children to bring out the best in themselves and which supports their all-round development, through discovering the joy of learning, awakening and illuminating their intellect in multi-dimensional ways, and instilling abiding values in themselves.

Is there any additional fee to be paid which is not mentioned in the brochure/website?

Our fee structure is transparent; no additional fee is required to be paid through the year other than the stated fees, except for any voluntary activities like out of town school trips.

Which board are you affiliated to?


Is your school a co-educational school?


In what ways can a parent interact with the school?

The Parent Portal is a two way communication between the school and the parent. Parents can interact with the school by sending written communication through our school’s portal. We have an efficient system of replying to all the queries received through the portal within 24 hrs. All the information regarding the time table, syllabus, worksheets, circulars, transport etc. is available on the Parent App.

What is the school’s position on the RTE?

We shall follow the law of the land with reference to the implementation of RTE in our schools.

What are the co-curricular activities offered?

DPS, Dwarka Expressway offers a host of co-curricular activities as a part of the curriculum as we believe in an integrated and holistic approach to education. It includes Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and opportunities for participating in activities of various Clubs, Sports, Athletics (track and field events), Yoga, Taekwondo and more. These activities are reviewed every year to ensure we provide relevant opportunities for our students with the rapidly changing and evolving landscape of education and we take care to offer activities that cater to the child’s physical and mental wellness.

Do students participate in international school competitions?

Our students participate in international Olympiads. We are always on the lookout for meaningful engagements with organisations that further add to the learning interests of our students.

Do you provide any educational trips or fun excursions for students?

Yes, we organise age applicable City, State and National Educational trips and fun excursions for our students. You may see some of our school programs on our website for more information.

Do you provide Third Language?

Yes, we provide the option to learn French/German/Sanskrit from Class IV onwards.

Is Career Counselling provided to the students?

Yes, career counselling workshops are conducted regularly for students of Grades VIII onwards. Parents are invited to participate in career counselling sessions and fairs. Experts in the field are invited to interact with the students and parents so that they are made fully aware of opportunities in diverse fields in India and overseas.

What are the extra-curricular activities that you offer?

We offer a plethora of extracurricular activities such as participation in the annual literary festival, annual days at the Pre-Primary, Primary and Senior school levels, annual creative arts event, annual I-T event, annual school exhibition, annual sports day and more.

Does the school have a child counsellor?

Yes, we have an efficient child counsellor who engages with students of different age groups and their parents as per requirement.

In which language do the teachers communicate with the children?

DPS, Dwarka Expressway is an English-medium school and the mode of instruction is English. We, however, do teach other languages such as Hindi, French, German and Sanskrit.

Do parents contribute in any special ways to the development of the school?

Parents are partners in the education and development of their children. We have a structured process of inviting parents to be active members of the School Management Committee along with other areas.

How do you ensure the quality of faculty of the school?

Great care is taken in the way we recruit our teachers - who we believe are the pillars of a great school. To ensure that we select educators with the right attitude, we have put in place multiple processes for the recruitment of teachers. It involves a deeply self-reflective application form, written test, personal and subject interview and class demonstrations. Understanding the best uses of technology, interpersonal and communication skills are also key skills of the teachers. In order to continuously enhance the skills of the faculty and to keep them abreast with the latest developments in the field of education, regular workshops for the teachers are conducted.

What is the curriculum overview of the school?

DPS curriculum is an ever-evolving system encompassing various activities and experiences in school. Art, music, theatre and sport are interwoven into the daily program to foster the development of scientific aptitude, language and numeracy skills. It supports academic rigour through project-based and experiential learning.

What is the Assessment Pattern of the school?

Grade Assessment Pattern
Pre-Nur – KG No formal assessment
Grade I - X As per the CBSE guidelines.
Two terms with one Periodic Test and one Term end Assessment in each term.

What are the child safety measures adopted by the school? Does the school have adequate medical facilities?

Entry inside the premises is strictly monitored. Permission to enter the premises is granted in the following cases:
• Students with valid Student IDs
• Teachers / Employees with valid Employee IDs.
• Parents with valid Parent ID and with prior appointment or on open days (PTM, functions etc.)
• Vendors with valid Government IDs and appointments.
• Visitors with valid Government IDs and prior appointment.
The school has a full-time nurse who attends to the medical emergencies and renders first-aid to students and staff members. For extra care, we have a dedicated infirmary which is well equipped and air conditioned for the comfort of children. First aid kits are kept available in all buses and every floor of the school at designated places, with all necessary ointments and medicines for administrating First Aid.
We have deployed well trained male and female guards at all entrances and sensitive areas within the premises for added safety. More than 135 CCTV cameras are installed with a dedicated operator to ensure safety and timely escalation of noted issues. Fire hydrant points, smoke detectors, manual call points, fire extinguishers, emergency hooters and PA Systems are installed to handle emergency situations, in accordance with law. Scheduled practical fire training is conducted twice a year for all security and Group-D staff.
A large assembly area is designated for assembly of students and staff members away from the building, in case of emergencies like Earthquakes and Fire.
Bus safety audits are conducted to mark out the obstacles and difficulties faced by children. All school buses are inspected regularly for safety and compliance. A Breath Analyser is used to check alcohol consumption of drivers and conductors before and after trips on a random basis, four times a day. In case of non-conformance, the driver is black listed from the school and removed immediately and the route is handed over to a responsible and able driver.
We provide a lady guard and a maid in almost every bus route for added safety and security of children. Electronic Tracking System is installed in each bus to keep track of boarding & de-boarding of students and bus routes.

Does the school provide transport?

The school has a fleet of comfortable air-conditioned buses equipped with Global Positioning System and DVR cameras for surveillance which ply on all major routes in Gurugram and parts of Delhi. In case of a specific query related to transport, kindly contact us.

Does the school have boarding/residential facilities?

No, we do not have a boarding facility as we are a day school. 

What accommodations does the school provide for children with special needs?

We aim at providing equal opportunities to all students, ensuring that children are safe, cared for and given adequate social and emotional support. Students experiencing difficulty in academics are identified by respective Class and Subject Teachers and special classes are conducted for such students by the respective special educators.

In case a child is diagnosed with any specific learning difficulty, CBSE exemptions (approved by CBSE) are provided with different learning needs in order to facilitate the child’s learning. Children with different needs are closely monitored by our Counsellor with appropriate interventions, in order to boost their morale. Class Teachers and Subject Teachers also work collaboratively with counsellors in safeguarding the emotional and social well-being of children with different needs who are also given opportunities to participate in assemblies, school functions, group discussions and various competitions.

Does the school provide meals to students?

We provide wholesome meals for lunch in the school. The menu is meticulously planned and ensures that calorific and nutritional needs of children are met.

Do you have internet facility in the school?

Yes, the entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled. The classrooms have projectors for technologically enabled learning..

Are the classrooms air-conditioned?

Yes, the class rooms are air-conditioned to ensure adequate comfort for children in the summer months. They are also well ventilated and brightly lit to make the most of spring and autumn months, so that children enjoy nature in the more moderate months.

At DPS Dwarka Expressway, we have strived to make our admission process simple and transparent to ensure that all prospective parents enjoy a stress free application experience.